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    Our Mission: To help business owners manage employer responsibilities while protecting against major risk, thus enhancing confidence to build enterprise value for all stakeholders. To provide financial security and wellness education to business owners, employees and families in order to help them secure a desired lifestyle.

    We help clients develop financial plans and steer a course to grow strong, profitable businesses, care for employees, and fulfill personal dreams. To that end, our shareholders and staff rely on their more than 250 years of combined experience in the successful operation of businesses. Our consultants hold some of the highest certifications in their respective areas of knowledge. Our experiences and ongoing, extensive training have helped make us sensitive to the ever-present, but sometimes hidden, realities that exist in our clients' lives and businesses. This insight helps us effectively interpret the needs and objectives of our clients, analyze the potential solutions in the marketplace, and thereby make appropriate recommendations.

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    Kim Moore

    CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®

    BFG Shareholder

    Financial Planning

    Kim's Bio

    Lynn Weirich

    AIFA®, RHU®, CLU®, ChFC®

    David Bird


    Emily Alexander

    Client Retention Concierge

    Administrative Support

    Emily's Bio

    Jennifer Alvarez

    Client Service Coordinator

    Employee Benefits

    Jennifer's Bio

    Brenda Caballero

    Investment Operations Coordinator

    Financial Planning

    Brenda's Bio

    Heather Camacho

    Senior Service Specialist

    Employee Benefits

    Heather's Bio

    Sandra Diaz

    Karen Dollar

    Client Service Coordinator

    Financial Planning

    Karen's Bio

    Lorenda Erck

    Payroll Service Coordinator

    Payroll & Compensation Services

    Lorenda's Bio

    Brent Farrimond

    Operations Consultant

    Financial Planning

    Brent's Bio

    Thea Galenes

    Administrative Assistant

    Retirement Plans

    Thea's Bio

    Samantha Gonzales

    Associate Consultant

    Human Resources

    Samantha's Bio

    Anna Gray

    Payroll Service Coordinator

    Payroll & Compensation Services

    Anna's Bio

    Anne Marie Gray

    Kari Hulse

    Senior Client Relations Concierge

    Administrative Support

    Kari's Bio

    Meghan Jaskowiak

    Consultant, Marketing & Communications

    Administrative Support

    Meghan's Bio

    Sheila Jennette


    Administrative Support

    Sheila's Bio

    Muskaan Josan

    Amanda Larson


    Maribel Mauricio

    Payroll Service Coordinator

    Payroll & Compensation Services

    Maribel's Bio

    Renee McRae


    Senior Tax and Accounting Specialist

    Payroll & Compensation Services

    Renee's Bio

    Katie Moore

    Marketing Project Manager

    Administrative Support

    Katie's Bio

    Sandra Montoya


    Kristin Nibling

    Client Service Specialist

    Employee Benefits

    Kristin's Bio

    Jessica Pasley

    Payroll Implementation Specialist

    Payroll & Compensation Services

    Jessica's Bio

    Scott Portlock

    CFP®, CLU®

    Senior Financial Consultant

    Financial Planning

    Scott's Bio

    Aïssatou Sidimé-Blanton

    CFP®, CLU®

    Lori Wiese

    HRIS Systems Support Specialist

    Human Resources

    Lori's Bio

    Our Partners at CFN®

    Our partnership with Commonwealth Financial Network®, a leading Registered Investment Adviser–broker/dealer, provides us access to a team of investment research specialists who assist us in our efforts to provide you with the best possible service.

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