The GBA Team

    At Global Business Advisors, formerly Business Financial Group, we have a team of specialists who can assist our clients with a variety of needs and work in alignment with our Core Values.


    How We Help

    The issues of employee retention and recruitment of high-quality, caring, and loyal personnel are and will continue to be two of the major factors affecting the success of businesses in the foreseeable future.

    We can help you create and customize your employee programs in order to do the following:


    Attract and Retain Good People


    Attract and Retain Good People

    We make recommendations to boost employee satisfaction, helping you attract and retain the best of the best.



    Focus on Management Strengths


    Focus on Management Strengths

    We are ready to assist your leadership team with your complete gamut of human resources needs, from simple questions to complex challenges.



    Help Employees Be More Productive


    Help Employees Be More Productive

    We work with you to develop strategic programs that support your employees' total health, taking in account their physical, mental, and financial well-being.



    Increase Owner Satisfaction


    Increase Owner Satisfaction

    We are here to help you on a wide range of topics from managing your business while remaining compliant to making sure the business is fulfilling the needs of the business owner and employees.





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