Employee Benefits

    We assist you in designing and implementing employee benefits programs that help employees manage health and wellness issues through each stage of life and also build job satisfaction and loyalty among a workforce. We aim to increase satisfaction with the plan by plan participants and give business owners the confidence that they’re making informed decisions about their employee programs. The Employee Benefits team provides the following services:


    Ongoing Consulting

    With Ongoing Consulting Services, GBA will sign on as Broker/Agent of Record for group insurance benefits. We conduct an initial review, provide recommendations, and then help to install your program or implement changes as applicable. Once implemented, we help you with the ongoing maintenance of your plan and act as an advocate for you and your employees. We help with the following:

    • Benefit Program Design:
      We first work to understand your strategic goals and objectives related to your employees, attraction, retention, and other employment goals. We then recommend plan designs and solutions specific to your strategy and business objectives.
    • Compliance
    • Managing Costs over Time
    • Renewal Management / Ongoing Review Meetings:
      We conduct ongoing Review Meetings to discuss plan administration, plan document and law changes, participant activity, and communication and educational needs.
    • Enrollment and Education Meetings:
      We conduct Enrollment and Education Meetings on an annual basis or more frequently, as needed. We seek to educate you and your employees about the value of benefits, how to use benefits, and how to self-advocate.
    • Employee Communication:
      We help develop a strategy and deliver periodic communications to your employees. We have a fully automated benefits portal to provide them with ongoing access to information.
    • Plan Administration and Participant Service:
      We provide consulting services for plan administrators and participants (current, terminated, and retired employees).

    Project-Based Consulting

    Project-Based Consulting is a great way for potential clients to get a taste of GBA’s services without committing to an ongoing partnership. Projects could include the following:

    • Benefits Review:
      We provide a one-time review of your Employee Benefits Program to analyze and provide recommendations related to compliance, cost, design, and overall satisfaction with the plan.
    • Benefits Portal:
      We supplement the work of your current broker with an online management system designed to simplify benefits administration.
    • Special Projects:
      We provide answers to your questions related to compliance with state and federal laws, plan administration, or other challenges.

    Employee Insurance Programs

    We develop employee benefit programs with the following components. For most programs, the cost structure could be completely employer paid, employee paid, or shared between the two.

    • Medical Plan
    • Life Insurance
    • Dental Plan
    • Vision Plan
    • Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Plans
    • Wellness Programs
    • Voluntary Benefits