Payroll & Compensation Services

    Our comprehensive payroll and compensation services are designed to provide you peace of mind. Our streamlined process makes it easy to pull employee data and automate benefits enrollment. We utilize systems that facilitate the tracking and reporting of work hours, wages, payroll taxes and garnishment agency payments. We also provide record-keeping systems, financial reports, and benefits statements. Our expert consultants can assist with compensation analysis and salary structures.

    Depending on your goals, we offer plans ranging from basic payroll services to complete HR packages which encompass payroll, benefits, retirement plans and more. Contact us today to customize the best plan that will fit your specific needs.


    Online payroll services include:


    • A dedicated team of specialists to manage your specific needs
      Your account will be carefully & accurately managed by a dedicated team of experts who will get to know you and your company and are available to offer support and answer questions whenever you need them. 
    • Easy-to-use online portals for employers
      You will have access to a user-friendly online portals to view and manage things like payroll services, PTO requests, calendars and more.
    • Easy-to-use online portals for employees
      Your employees will have access to a user-friendly interfaces to view/download things like check stubs and tax forms including W-2s.
    • Seamless integration with other GBA services
      Should you engage GBA in other areas such as benefits and retirement services, our internal teams will cross-communicate and securely share your data to stay up to date and jointly manage your account, leaving you more time to focus your energy elsewhere.
    • Coordination with outside providers
      Should you engage an outside provider in another area such as benefits, retirement or risk insurance, we are happy to coordinate with them on your behalf.
    • Payroll personnel back-up
      If, for any reason, your in-house payroll processor is unable or unavailable to process payroll, we will provide strategic reinforcement and serve as your back-up processor.
    • Hassle-free time tracking with touchless hardware features and a mobile option
      We will implement your current timekeeping data - whether it be web-based clocking-in/out or physical time clocks for hourly employees - into our unique system and educate your employees on how to use our intuitive self-service interface to record time and PTO requests. We also offer advanced hardware options ranging from touchless facial recognition to body temperature scanning. We now also offer Mobile Location Management for efficient employee punch tracking – managers can see the physical address for every punch and visualize it on a map. 
    • Payroll processing
      We will simplify your payroll by quickly and accurately processing paychecks and/or direct deposit transfers.
    • Tax reporting, payments and reconciliation
      We will help you avoid costly errors by calculating, paying and filing on your behalf.
    • Garnishment service, including payments
      We will deduct garnished wages and remit payments to the appropriate agency.


    • Customized detail reports
      We will generate customized detail reports for each payroll run and year-end summaries.
    • Integration with other imports
      We will connect and share data across platforms and tools you have previously utilized such as QuickBooks, Peachtree and many others for each payroll run.
    • Affordable Care Act calculations and reporting
      In order to ensure you comply with the ACA’s provisions, we will evaluate the required information necessary and file on your behalf as applicable. 
    • W-2 preparation and distribution
      We will prepare and distribute W-2 forms to your employees in a timely manner.
    • Payroll compliance notifications and assistance
      Payroll compliance requirements cover everything from overtime to income tax. We will ensure you are in compliance with all local and federal payroll requirements, and if we find that you are not, our expert consultants will notify you and provide guidance on how to comply in order to avoid unnecessary penalties and fines.
    • Job costing capabilities
      We will save you time and money by measuring and reporting individual job profitability and subsequently providing recommendations.
    • Compensation analysis
      Our expert consultants will run a compensation analysis on your company and provide recommendations for salary structure so you can efficiently allocate your budget. We want to help you attract and retain the best talent, and this requires knowledge of the fluctuating market rate. Our track record demonstrates that we can keep your employees happy while keeping your compensation in alignment with industry benchmarks. 
    • Certified payroll reporting
      We will submit weekly payroll reports on your behalf and ensure you are in compliance with all federal and state payroll reporting requirements.
    • New hire reporting
      We will report all new hires and rehired employees on your behalf as applicable.
    • Ease of switching to GBA
      If you are currently using another payroll service and are apprehensive about switching over, take our word for it: converting is easy. We will take care of everything and provide a hassle-free move.
    • GBA Payroll Suite Features
      For a detailed description of GBA’s Payroll Suite and our associated services, please click here.
      ​GBA Payroll Suite Features​