Business Services

    BFG helps employers and employees build financial strength and manage risks through our human resources support, employee benefits services, and strategic planning process.

    We believe that a company’s most valuable asset is its employees. Our highest priority is to provide programs that have a positive financial effect on your business while enhancing your ability to attract, hire, develop, retain, and support a talented and productive workforce. Not only do we review typical factors such as state, federal, and regulatory compliance, we also evaluate how the programs will work within the operations and culture of your company.


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    Human Resources

    Regardless of your HR experience, every company needs an HR system that will help identify, develop, and promote the best employees and manage employee grievances in compliance with existing laws. Learn how Business Financial Group's Human Resource Management Team can help you take care of your people so that you and your administrative staff can stay focused on your business. Learn more...


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    Employee Benefits

    The team at Business Financial Group can assist you in developing and implementing employee benefit programs, such as group insurance benefits, that help support your employees' total health, taking into account their physical, mental, and financial well-being. Learn more...


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    Workplace Financial Wellness Programs

    Most businesses consider their employees their most important asset. Business Financial Group's Workplace Financial Wellness Programs allow you to offer customized financial education as an additional benefit to your top executives and highly valued employees. Learn more...


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    Payroll & Compensation Services

    Every company needs a payroll system that can process tax records and make payroll on time every time. Business Financial Group's Payroll and Compensation Services team can help either support or manage your payroll process, so your accounting staff can stay focused on your business. Learn more...



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    Employee Retirement

    The team at Business Financial Group can assist you in developing and implementing retirement plans that help support your employees' financial well-being. Learn more...


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    Business Succession Planning

    A business is an entity that exists to benefit all of its stakeholders (its employees, its customers, and the business owner). Our business succession planning process helps you ensure that you’ve considered all of the options for setting up, running or transferring ownership of your business. Learn more...