We are proud to offer comprehensive payroll & compensation services to our clients, including a user-friendly platform for employers and their employees. Through the BFG Payroll Suite, whether you are processing your payroll or we are, your payroll-related activities such as payroll services, PTO requests, employee reminder notifications and others can be easily managed. Employees can also conveniently access their check stubs, tax forms and more.

    The BFG Payroll Suite uses an intuitive – and easy to navigate – payroll software solution designed to handle even the most complex payrolls. The software team is continually enhancing and adding features as a result of client suggestions. Your dedicated BFG Payroll Support Professional will be with you through each paycheck, helping to guide you and provide answers to your questions.


    Following are just a few of the unique features of the BFG Payroll Suite, as well as a description of the services we offer:



    • Cloud-Based Technology
      • The BFG Payroll Suite utilizes cloud-based technology which, simply put, allows you to access programs and information stored on an internet database rather than on your computer. This also means that your data will always be securely backed up and never lost. You can rest assured that we are following all recommended security protocols and have advanced security measures in place to keep your data protected. Additionally, the system is extremely user-friendly and easily accessible from mobile devices, tablets or computers.
    • Flexible Pay Options
      • From direct deposit to paper checks and pay cards to pay-on-demand, we have lots of options for paying your employees.


    • Integrations with QuickBooks and other Accounting/POS Systems
      • The BFG Payroll Suite imports and exports data to automate recording of labor costs, benefits and taxes to most accounting and POS systems, including all versions of QuickBooks, T-Sheets, and many others such as retail POS systems including Aloha and Toast.


    • Customizable Service
      • As part of the initial setup process, our team of consultants will learn the unique needs of your business and build out your portal accordingly. Our goal is to identify opportunities for customization and automation in order to reduce the time that your staff spends on day-to-day payroll tasks and increase efficiencies of processes for your staff.
    • Customizable Software
      • The BFG Payroll Suite comes with many versatile options and can be tailored to meet your individual payroll & compensation needs. It can also can be customized to allocate labor costs to various departments, divisions, or locations.
      • You also have the option to customize user permissions and user types.  For example, a designated supervisor is able to view and approve timesheets without having or requiring access to confidential pay or sensitive employee data.


    • Reporting Capabilities
      • The BFG Payroll Suite makes running and creating reports and exports simple and quick. There are hundreds of options of reports including tax credits, loan tracking, 401K exports, payroll reports, overtime reports, employee hours by week, and many more. In addition to the built-in reports, we can help you build custom reports based on your requirements.


    • Employee Onboarding
      • The BFG Suite makes onboarding new employees simple.  As part of the onboarding process, new employees can quickly and easily enter their own personal information, which feeds directly into the payroll system, thus saving your staff time.  The BFG Suite will do the rest in terms of calculating payroll, benefits, PTO, etc.  Employees have access to everything they will need to complete their onboarding documents and can manage it all electronically on the platform.
    • Communication Capabilities
      • The BFG Suite allows employers to notify employees via email and text for any reason such as when a deduction or benefit has been added, when HR items, such as certifications, are about to expire, when tax documents are uploaded, when action is required of employees, and so on. You can also distribute company newsletters and other announcements through this system or collect electronic signatures on new policy updates.  Employers can also request employees to upload documents via their online portal, such as recertifications, new certifications, licenses, expense reports, performance reviews, and so on.
    • Centralized Calendar for Organizing Key Dates
      • Employers have access to customizable centralized calendar for key events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, performance reviews, certification expiration dates, continuing education requirements, company assets issued to employees, internal/external training and development, skills, languages, and so on.
    • Wage Management
      • Employers can track pay rate history and plan future pay raises.
    • Electronic Tax Forms
      • Your employees can complete their Form W-4 electronically and pull a copy of their W-2 from the online portal.
    • Employee Offboarding
      • The BFG Team can handle employee offboarding to ensure all company-related items issued to the employee during their employment are returned, such as keys, access cards/fabs, laptops, phones, equipment issued to work remotely, and so on.


    • Timekeeping 
      • BFG offers a customizable system for timekeeping or, in most cases, we can develop an integration with any existing system. Our Timekeeping module allows you to manage employee overtime hours with overtime alerts, fingerprint or facial timeclock technology, mobile apps with geo-fencing, and automatic tracking of PTO accruals and balances. Managers have a dashboard that allows them to see who is clocked in or out and any missing punches.
    • Scheduling 
      • Our Scheduling module allows you to publish schedules and enables qualified employees to drop and pick up shifts following text message or email notification, freeing up your managers from rescheduling shifts when a scheduled employee is unable to work. Schedules feed into the timekeeping/payroll modules. 
    • Benefits 
      • BFG offers an online management module designed to simplify benefits administration and provide a one-stop-shop platform for user-friendly paperless benefits management for both employers and employees. The module can also integrate with most major insurance carriers for easy management.



    Legendary Support


    • In addition to all of the above system features, BFG offers support in real time. Once you become a BFG client, we work with you to review, evaluate, and streamline current processes to identify cost-saving strategies for your team.  We’re also your backup - your dedicated BFG Payroll Support Professional who knows your business and can serve as your substitute processor if your team is not available to process payroll.
    • We walk you through each step of the implementation process and constantly work towards process enhancement. Most payroll companies require you to convert and import your data into their system – we will take care of all of that for you.

    Legendary Support



    BFG offers two options of payroll & compensation services:

    • BFG Hybrid Service: The best of two worlds: Your in-house personnel supported by our team of experts. With this option, your company would utilize an internal person to enter new employees, changes and terminations into the payroll portal. They would also answer employee questions on payroll and verify time is submitted timely and correctly. Once they approve payroll, we do the rest:
      • drafting deposits,
      • tax reporting and payments,
      • submitting the 401k and HSA contributions,
      • tracking and submitting worker’s comp information for pay-as-you go policies, as well as the annual audit, and year-end reconciliation,
      • and more based on your needs.
    • White Glove Service: In our full-service model, the responsibility for processing payroll will lie entirely with the BFG team.  In effect, we become your payroll department. Many clients prefer this level of support as it frees up additional internal staff time and helps to keep salary and owner compensation info confidential.  We will also do the required follow up to ensure that managers and employees have approved all time cards in a timely manner and that employees have completed open enrollment elections for payroll deduction changes.  A key contact at your company will simply approve the payroll register before it is processed so you have a “check and balance” of our work.  Just as we would with our Hybrid Service, we will process all tax payments, filling and reconciliation. We will also accommodate any additional responsibilities as necessary.