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    The History of BFG

    Business Financial Group was incorporated in 1998. The name Business Financial Group was selected because Co-Founders Emeritus Kim and Lynn's vision was (and still is!) that BFG will live on after they decide to retire. Therefore, they didn't want the business name to be tied to their names.

    Prior to BFG's founding, Kim and Lynn had worked together for 10 years at a large national firm where they had many business owner clients and saw the opportunity to help them with services for their business.  This would help the business owners save for retirement and get health insurance through their businesses and would help their employees by giving them access to these benefit programs as well.

    From the beginning, BFG’s goal has always been to provide strategic and personalized service to our clients. We aim to develop mutually beneficial partnerships that are based on trust. We understand that each client will constantly face changes in growth, economic situations, government regulations, and industry conditions, so we believe it is essential to consistently act in the best interest of our clients and their beneficiaries with the exclusive purpose of providing value to them.

    The first two service areas were Employee Benefit Services and Corporate Retirement Services.

    Kim focused primarily on individual clients, and Lynn focused primarily on the corporate services and took on those new business clients.

    In 2013, Kim and Lynn had the opportunity to acquire a payroll and HR department from a client that owned a multigenerational business divesting some assets. David Bird and his team came on board, and BFG's corporate services expanded to include the Payroll Services and Human Resource Management service areas. At that point, Kim, Lynn & David partnered together to provide individual and corporate services to their clients including human resources consulting, payroll & compensation management, employee benefits and employee retirement services, financial planning, investment management, business succession planning, and more! Please note that the team at BFG no longer offers financial planning services but remains focused on providing corporate services for business clients.

    We are grateful to our incredibly skilled & passionate BFG team. We have many long tenured associates who provide leadership and support throughout the firm. And we're grateful for our clients – so many of whom have become close friends – for trusting us with their personal & professional business needs for the last 25 years. We want to celebrate this milestone while still acknowledging that the best is yet to come!