Wellness Programs

    Many businesses consider their employees to be their most important asset. Our Wellness Programs allow business owners and leadership to offer a customized educational program as a benefit to employees.

    In this area, clients generally hire us because they feel their time (and their team’s time) is better spent delivering their business’s product or service and not on administration or management of benefits programs. We can support your Wellness Program by developing and delivering educational content on financial wellness, including group presentations and one-on-one consultations on topics related to financial wellness and business planning.

    Components of Wellness Programs

    • Group Education
      The basis of financial wellness is knowledge of financial topics. For this reason, ongoing education is a crucial component of the Wellness Program.  In a business setting, this ongoing education is most cost effective in a group setting. Presentations are scheduled on an ongoing basis and will include content selected via employee surveys.  
    • Individual Education
      For employees who are ready to have a deeper conversation about their financial situation, we can provide more in-depth feedback. Individual engagement, beyond the group setting, is a key to spurring real behavioral change that leads to intended results.

      The cost for the Individual Education modules is a flat annual fee per participant. These costs can be either shared by the employer or set up on a payroll deduction plan or both to help make the payments more manageable. We can also provide an EFT arrangement for participants if payroll deduction is not an option.

    Elements of Financial Wellness

    • Financial foundations
      • Building an emergency fund
      • Saving for large purchases
      • Managing debt
    • Strategies to pay for educational expenses
    • Protecting against major risks
    • Important documents
    • Taking retirement distributions to minimize taxes
    • Understanding and maximizing social security and Medicare
    • Tools and resources to assist aging parents