Workplace Financial Wellness Programs

    Most businesses consider employees their most important asset. Our Workplace Financial Wellness Programs allow you to offer customized financial guidance as an additional benefit to your top executives and highly valued employees.


    Benefits of Workplace Financial Wellness Programs

    • For the Company:
      This service provides a complete, fiduciary-driven planning process to employees. It can be an important tool for employers to retain key employees by helping them identify and achieve their most important financial goals.
    • For Employees:
      Employees profit from this added benefit by having financial planning and security that allows them to focus on their goals and responsibilities to the company.


    Elements of Financial Wellness

    • Financial foundations
      • Building an emergency fund
      • Saving for large purchases
      • Managing debt
    • Strategies to pay for educational expenses
    • Protecting against major risks
    • Important documents
    • Taking retirement distributions to minimize taxes
    • Understanding and maximizing Social Security and Medicare
    • Tools and resources to assist aging parents