David Bird



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    • Shareholder of Business Financial Group Human Resource Management
    • San Antonio Livestock Exposition, Inc. (SALE) Wildlife and Natural Resources Committee

    David Bird is a shareholder of Business Financial Group and oversees its human resource management area. David’s responsibilities include managing strategic planning and growth. As head of the division, some of his duties involve plan implementation, employer education, and oversight of human resources strategy and payroll services. He provides strategic HR consulting in a number of areas, including policy development, employee relations, compensation, communication, and regulatory compliance. He has experience in managing HR-related risks for companies, including litigation prevention and management.

    He takes great pride in advocating for employers and helping them to establish and maintain sustainable and productive cultures. He and his team serve as a critical resource in helping to navigate through often delicate situations.

    David has over 30 years in business and HR management. He manages relationships with the firm’s key alliance partners. For example, he serves on an advisory council for CyberPay, the firm’s payroll software partner. Through this role, David is regularly instrumental in identifying opportunities for system enhancements and customization features.

    Prior to joining BFG, David was the vice president of human resources for a large holding company, where his responsibilities included employee relations, payroll, and training for the holding company, as well as each of the subsidiary companies. David was also a key component of the acquisitions and divestitures team, providing human capital transitional expertise in a variety of industries including convenience stores, restaurants, pump services, environmental petroleum services, and motor-fuel transportation. David’s work resulted in decreased employee turnover, accumulated savings on unemployment taxes, reduced training costs, and reduced owner exposure.

    When he is not at the office, David enjoys hunting and fishing with family and friends at his ranch in South Texas.


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