Meghan Jaskowiak





    Consultant, Marketing and Communications

    Administrative Support

    Meghan is a marketing and communications consultant at BFG. In her role, Meghan manages BFG’s website, mass email communication, event planning, document design, and coordination with partners on marketing initiatives. She also is involved with BFG’s Sunshine Committee, which manages the firm’s internal celebrations. Meghan was originally hired as a temporary employee in 2009 to write a procedures manual for a rodeo committee that Kim Moore was chairing at the time. She then wrote procedures manuals for all of BFG’s departments and developed new employee training materials until transitioning into her current marketing role in 2013.  In 2019, she was promoted to consultant.

    As part of her responsibilities with BFG, Meghan also serves as the Texas Trucking Alliance (TTA) coordinator. As such, she manages the day-to-day activities of TTA, such as maintaining the budget, planning events, documenting TTA activities and goals, and handling media relations. Meghan has also assisted with developing survey questionnaires, compiling the various written components of TTA research studies, formatting and editing the studies, and coordinating with all contributors.

    Meghan studied at the University of Texas at San Antonio and received her BA in English with an emphasis in professional writing. She further developed her writing, editorial, and design expertise while working in the editorial department of Harcourt Assessment.

    When she is not at the office, Meghan and her husband, Marcin, feel like they’re operating an unofficial animal shelter for their rescued pets: three dogs and two cats.  In September 2019, Meghan and Marcin welcomed their first child, Izabella.


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