Kari Hulse





    Senior Client Relations Concierge

    Administrative Support

    Kari Hulse is BFG’s client relations concierge.  As such, Kari helps to manage activities for existing clients and potential new clients.  For new clients, Kari manages the onboarding process, from attending their initial meetings, to developing our service proposals, to assisting with implementation.  For existing clients, Kari helps with meeting preparation and ongoing service, ensuring that clients with services in multiple departments have their needs met in each area.  She also helps facilitate the development of the firm’s cross-department (or cross-gateway) client communication processes as part of her role to strategically support firm-wide client and prospect relationships.  Kari serves on BFG's Recognition committee, which honors and celebrates BFG associates' professional achievements.  She is also a co-chair of BFG’s Best Practices committee.

    Kari started working at BFG in 2012.  She previously worked in BFG’s Individual Financial Consulting department where she monitored and initiated transactions and trades for investment accounts, as well as supported multiple financial consultants to manage relationships to help clients reach their financial goals.  Kari has also worked in BFG’s Corporate Retirement Services department, where she serviced corporate retirement plans, assisted in designing and implementing new plans, attended all fiduciary meetings and oversaw the completion of any activities identified during the meeting, supported company plan administrators by ensuring they were aware of their compliance responsibilities and associated deadlines, and fielded calls from employees participating in retirement plans.

    Kari received a Bachelor of Business Administration in finance in 2009 at Texas State University in San Marcos. 

    When she is not at the office, Kari enjoys playing softball and playing with her son.


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