Sheila Jennette



    Sheila Jennette



    Administrative Support

    Sheila Jennette is a bookkeeper for the BFG office.  She handles all day-to-day accounting processes and helps keep the office running smoothly.  Her primary responsibilities include preparing invoices, collecting payments, paying vendors, and processing payroll.  Her other duties include anything that pertains to maintaining the office and workflow of the team.  Sheila serves on BFG's Recognition committee, which honors and celebrates BFG associates' professional achievements.

    Sheila’s first job was providing administrative support for an accounting firm in Kansas City, Missouri, while she was getting her associate’s degree in Business from Kansas City Kansas Community College.  She then received her BBA in Management from Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas.  Most of her jobs have been focused on the administrative side of the business, managing accounts payable and payroll, while dealing directly with clients, church members, and vendors as applicable.  Sheila rounded out her accounting experience while serving as the Director of Financial Services at First Baptist Church of San Antonio.  She started working at BFG in 2020.

    Sheila has two daughters who are adopted from Russia and has a personal mission to help families, especially those with adopted children or foster children.  In Nashville, she cofounded a support group for families with adopted Russian children.  Here in San Antonio, Sheila provided respite care for families with foster children, which involved watching children over the weekends when the foster family had other activities that those children could not attend.  Sheila is also involved in Fostering Together, a ministry team at First Baptist Church of San Antonio, that helps kinship families (families who take in grandchildren, nieces and nephews) along with new foster families.  Foster children get lost in the system, and foster families can be overwhelmed with the financial and emotional strain, so the mission of Fostering Together is to try to fill the gap and help these families.  Sheila also serves as a team leader for a program called Divorce Care, offered through First Baptist Church of San Antonio, that provides support, insight and skills for dealing with the challenges, feelings of devastation and life changes brought about by divorce.

    Sheila loves traveling and has been to almost all 50 states.  She has been to Russia twice (once to Siberia), Europe, Cartagena and Buenos Aires.  She also enjoys day trips and likes to find the oddities, like the biggest ball of twine.




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