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    The Tax Law Has Changed: You Should Review Your Estate Plan


    “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”  Estate planning involves both of those certainties.  The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has changed the tax law as it relates to estate taxes, with lifetime exemptions doubling.  While these changes are set to expire in 2025, families could take advantage of the new tax law in the interim. Read more...


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    What does the Market Decline mean for you?


    Market drops are scary, especially when they come day after day. The decline on Monday, February 5, was particularly bad. In fact, it has been billed as the largest point drop ever for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Looking at that, it’s normal to think that the stock market is in a downward spiral. History shows, however, that this is often not the case. Although declines like we have seen in the past week are not fun, they generally are not reason to panic.  Read more...


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    Market Volatility & Your Strategy


    With the recent market declines, U.S. markets are now in an official correction (a 10% decline as opposed to a bear market, which is a 20% downturn).  A drop in the markets can initially seem scary; however, those with an established investment strategy can have a different perspective.  At times like these, experts like Warren Buffet advise investors to stick with their strategy and, if cash is available, to take advantage of drops in the market.  Read more...