Are We Seeing Signs of Progress in the Coronavirus Crisis?

    A Video from Commonwealth Financial Network®

    We would like to offer you the opportunity to hear thoughts from Brad McMillan, managing principal and chief investment officer at Commonwealth Financial Network®, our Registered Investment Adviser–broker/dealer.

    In this video, available at https://vimeo.com/408420489, Mr. McMillan provides an update on the coronavirus crisis, including its effects on the economy and markets. With regard to the virus itself, we’re seeing signs of progress. This week, the daily spread rate dipped below 5 percent, and the number of new cases per day started to stabilize. With this good news on the pandemic front, the focus is shifting to how to reopen the economy. Here, the news is not as good. With more than 22 million jobs lost over the past several weeks and many businesses remaining closed, the damage is mounting. Mitigating measures, like the stimulus checks, are starting to take effect, but a recession is likely. How bad will that recession be, and what could it mean for the markets? Watch this video to learn more.


    Coronavirus Update




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