Investment Management

    Our methodology in selecting investments goes beyond merely considering performance. BFG’s strategies are driven by three principles: independence and objectivity, investor needs, and longevity. In creating the recommended portfolio strategies, we make all decisions on an independent and objective basis. We strive to free ourselves from all outside constraints and conflicting influences in decision making. Our advice is centered on the basis of merit within each client’s financial situation.


    Modern Portfolio Theory

    No strategy can serve or anticipate the needs of every single investor; however, a strategy that is carefully created and meticulously crafted can serve the needs of many. BFG incorporates Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), which utilizes Asset Allocation and Portfolio Optimization in order to attempt to create a point of optimization of rates of returns based on an investor’s level of risk tolerance.


    Committee Oversight

    BFG believes in responsible oversight, and therefore has an internal committee that meets regularly to review the current funds and evaluate possible replacements. This committee’s mission is to continuously monitor, improve, and implement professional policies that enable us to maintain our fiduciary commitment to our clients. We have established benchmarks that reflect investment parameters against which the portfolio performance shall be compared on a regular basis.


    Ongoing Communication

    We strive to communicate clearly on a regular basis with our formal reporting as well as to address questions and concerns. We take great pride in our clients’ trust and feel honored to partner with them to shape their futures.