Estate Planning

    The purpose of estate planning is to prepare for the distribution of your assets to others upon your death. Estate planning can also outline other end-of-life decisions, including incapacitation. Without an estate plan, assets may be lost or distributed to unintended beneficiaries.


    We facilitate the estate planning process in conjunction with your attorney, CPA, and other estate planning professionals. Our estate planning process includes the following:

    • Analyze Current Situation in Relation to Your Financial Plan
    • Determine and Quantify Estate Planning Needs
    • Evaluate Current Estate Planning Efforts
    • Determine and Quantify Potential Estate Tax Liability
    • Review Prospective Estate Planning Strategies


    Tax implications will be considered with the goal of minimizing the tax consequences of passing on an estate. Proper estate planning can help ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes and make the process simpler, faster, less expensive, and less painful. Proper estate planning can have a positive impact on the ones you care about.