Apple Watch Now Syncs with UHC Motion

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    After November 15th, UnitedHealthcare Motion customers will be able to track their FIT goals using the Apple Watch.  UnitedHealthcare Motion is a wellness program offered through UHC.


    UHC is also allowing customers to purchase the Apple Watch through their store using their new “Walk-It-Off” payment option, which lets members “walk off” the cost of the device rather than paying for it up front.  Additional details on this program can be found in this flyer:


    UnitedHealthcare Motion Walk-It-Off Payment Option flyer:



    FIT stands for Frequency, Intensity, and Tenacity and refers to the three daily walking goals that are connected with incentives through UnitedHealthcare Motion:

    • Frequency: 500 steps in 7 minutes; six times a day, at least one hour apart
    • Intensity: 3,000 steps in 30 minutes
    • Tenacity: 10,000 steps in one day



    For more information or assistance, please contact our Employee Benefit Services team at 210-640-1789, toll-free at 1-888-757-2104, or [email protected].



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