Joan Givens





    Accounting Assistant

    Administrative Support

    Joan Givens is an accounting assistant for the BFG office. She works in the accounting department and with all the gateways at BFG. She handles all day-to-day accounting processes and keeps the office running smoothly. Her responsibilities include inventory management, evaluating vendors and managing the vendor service relationship, payments and billing, and troubleshooting issues. Joan also serves on BFG’s Recognition committee, which honors and celebrates BFG associates’ professional achievements. She started working at BFG in 2013.

    Prior to joining BFG, Joan was the office manager for her husband’s consulting businesses. She also kept herself busy by volunteering with PTA, band, football, and athletic club boosters activities at the schools where her son and daughter attended and helping run the neighborhood swim team.

    Now that her children have graduated, when Joan is not at the office, you might find her working in the yard, volunteering at an organization around the community, or having fun with her husband at the lake.


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