Trucking Services

Business Financial Group advises trucking clients in
hazardous materials transport, oil & gas distribution,
construction and other trucking-dependent fields.

Our consultants help owner-operators and private
fleet managers devise retirement plans, employee
health and wellness plans, risk management systems, 
executive compensation alternatives and personal
financial plans that meet their goals.

Trucking Alliance Partners

Business Financial Group provides broad consultation services to trucking companies with the help of our affiliate partners:

  • The Bassett Firm, a Dallas-based firm of trial lawyers that works with
    transportation and insurance companies in Texas 

  • Regions Insurance, an insurance firm that provides guidance in a wide
    range of industries and specialties including risk management and
    transportation insurance brokerage services.

  • TXTA Foundation, a nonprofit organization that funds education and
    research projects for the Texas trucking industry

  • Texas Trucking Alliance, consortium that researches and promotes
    Best Practices in the Texas Trucking Industry through annual report