Our Areas of Service


Planning for the financial future of your family or your business is multi-faceted and can be complex. Our certified consultants can help design a roadmap to pursue your personal and corporate goals in the following key areas:

Corporate Retirement Services

It's likely your employees are on their own personal financial journeys that include retirement planning. You may have to balance their needs with your personal and corporate strategic goals. We can design a retirement plan that will do just that. Plus, as your co-fiduciary, we will help you meet regulatory requirements, provide investment expertise to your employees, and share the legal liability for your company's retirement plan.

Employee Benefit Services

As a business owner, there may be others with you on the journey to financial success. Business Financial Group will help you design a benefits program that targets the unique needs of your business. To attract and retain the right people for your company, they must understand the value of these benefits. You can count on us to customize benefits packages and to conduct employee education meetings that will help your employees make the most of your benefits program.

Human Resource Management

Human capital drives business. Sometimes you may need help finding and managing those employees. Our payroll processing and human resource management consulting services can assist your company in attracting, hiring, training, retaining and supporting a productive and talented workforce. Strategic HR consulting can offer useful guidance in a number of areas, including handbook development, employee relations, compensation, communications, and regulatory compliance.

Individual Financial Consulting

As independent financial professionals and Investment Adviser Representatives of Commonwealth Financial Network, we have the freedom to provide diverse guidance and insight to our clients. Our certified consultants specialize in wealth accumulation, business succession strategies, college planning, timing retirement distributions, and life, long-term care, disability and other gap insurance.