About Our Firm

Business Financial Group is a financial consulting firm that has 4 service areas to provide employee benefits services, payroll processing and HR consulting, corporate retirement plan services, individual financial consulting and business insurance to business owners, professionals and executives. Our philosophy hinges on understanding each client's problems and unique circumstances. Only after we have listened to clients describe their objectives and the obstacles present, can our certified consultants begin to help develop suitable strategies.

Each client will constantly face changes in growth, economic situation, government regulations and industry conditions. Consequently, we believe it is essential that a process of strategic planning be established at the beginning of each new client relationship. This process allows for regular evaluations of these factors and their impact on a strategic plan, as well as the financial objectives which should drive the plan.

Our purpose is to help create and maintain financial security for our clients and their businesses.
 In so doing, we are a part of the professional team that allows the client to focus on becoming evermore productive and profitable.  

Life has many pathways to success.  MAKE IT EASY.